Our purpose is to build a team of women who will pray together, plan together and embrace the vision of walking in love, walking in faith and being led by the Spirit of God.

We all have the light, and we need to fill ourselves with fresh oil.  Oil is a type of anointing. We will navigate together the course for this year with different events so we can strengthen, encourage and enjoy each others giftings.

We must be ever mindful to not gossip or sow discord, but learn to work together and help create an atmosphere for growth and expression.  In this way, we will truly let our “light” shine before others; creating a beacon of hope and love that others will see our good works and glorify our Father who is Heaven.

2018 we begin a new teaching, discovering how we are motivated and walking in love with each other.  Usually meet on the first Saturday of the month at noon:  Worship, Food, Hear a Testimony, Teaching, Ministry and Raffle Time.  Luncheon is FREE, we ask for a sign up for the expected  amount for food.  If you need child care, please mark it when signing up.    All are welcome.